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Our Products and Services:

Access to new raw materials sources worldwide
Manufacturing partners located in:

Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, European Union...
other sourcing countries upon request

Supply of rare biological products
Animal and human blood-based products such as:

defibrinated blood, plasma, serum, albumin, globulin, erythrocytes...
other blood fractions, enzymes, tissues and organs collected and processed according to the customer’s requirements

Entry into new markets
Solutions for fast and successful market access:

Individually designed transport logistics concepts
International logistics partners network support including:

Regulatory support in import, export and registration matters
Negotiations with international authorities on customer’s behalf:

Tailored solutions for product and business development
Support of customer’s decision making process by:

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ThE-home of Serum

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ThE-home of Serum