For many people Quality starts at a desk. A Quality Person makes plans and creates documents defining how quality work has to be performed.
I disagree with this.
In the world where biological raw materials are generated Quality starts elsewhere.


I have seen Quality start in Texas with the Mexican workers at the slaughter plant who were happy to talk with me as I spoke Spanish but not their supervisor. They wanted to know how to collect a better product.

I have seen Quality start in Argentina with the diligence of the production people who didn’t even speak Spanish but only Quechua. They truly cared about what they do.

I have seen Quality start in Alberta with two refugees from Chad who were working in the basement of the slaughterhouse. One was shy and a day dreamer, the other one was organized and concentrated. Both were worried about their families back in the war zone. Both were happy with their work. And we were happy to have them.

I see Quality start today in Tyrol - in the hands of the Slovak guys who travel for the week to Austria and are passionate about accuracy at work. They are careful with the product. They always make sure they have made things right.

I see Quality start on the laboratory bench of Axel who is developing our Act-O2-Hem, in his work notes, in his ideas and in that special look in his eyes.


Quality starts in the heart of a person and is designed by their own hands. The Person at the Desk writes down the best practices. For others to learn and to love….

The passion for Quality by Design. Stay tuned.

My own working boots

22.06.2018 08:38