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Act-O2-Hem is an active hemoglobin with high ability to bind Oxygen and bring it to human and animal cells or cell cultures as needed. It is suitable to serve as a potent oxygen carrier in various in vitro and in vivo applications.




Act-O2-Hem is manufactured from calves red blood cells sourced in Tyrol, Austria – a region free of most notifiable bovine diseases as well as of BSE. It has been harvested from locally and organically raised animals with proven traceability and carefully monitored health records.

The European Union has granted funds in the amount of 1 Mio Euro for the further development and production upscaling of Act-O2-Hem. The funds have been made available under the EUROSTARS program where the concept was evaluated and approved by independent European experts and by the national authorities of Germany and Austria. The project’s goal is to raise the manufacturing standards, prepare technical, quality and regulatory documentation related to Act-O2-Hem and upscale the process to reach industrial production levels.


Act-O2-Hem has various intended applications such as:


  • Human Erythrocytes replacement in cell culture media used during transportation of organs for perfusion
  • Active ingredient in wound bandages (especially for chronic wounds)
  • Cell Culture additive for better oxygenating
  • Ingredient for biological coating of Cell Culture plastics
  • Veterinary applications – contributing to joints healing of pet animals
  • In fight against hair loss
  • In any other area where an improved oxygen supply is required

The manufacturing technology is transferrable to other geografic areas as well.



Project developers and product owners are:

Biophyll GmbH, Germany
M bioserviceS GmbH, Austria


European Project ID 11403