BREXIT in Practice – Importing Animal By-Products from the UK into the EU

Taking into consideration the difficulties and uncertainties still accompanying shipments of Animal By-Products between the UK and the EU it is good to have more clarity about the procedures of clearance and importation.

Below you will find a very useful practical guide about what to prepare and how to get organized for the importation of Animal By-Products when crossing the UK / EU border and entering into the Netherlands. The guide is based on the detailed instructions of our import agent in the Netherlands who did an awesome job!

Pre-Notification – ALL steps must be completed PRIOR to departure

Veterinarian cargo needs to be pre-alerted daily before 12.30 (NL time) by email to the import agent for veterinarian inspection the next day. Inspections for weekends needs to be pre-alerted on Friday before 09.30 (NL time) The Border Control Post will let us know if there is enough demand to open or not, which we will inform you about. In case no weekend opening, inspection might have to wait till Monday.
Step 1
For the pre-notification to NVWA (the Dutch veterinary health authorities) and BCP we need to receive information about the number of consignments (= Health Certificates), split in human consumption and/or non-human consumption (for example Category 3 materials), and type of packaging (hanging, packed or …)
To complete the inspection formalities:
Step 2
A copy of the UK Health Certificate sent in ONE *.pdf file (no pictures or loose attachments) by email, together with the booking details and other paperwork in a separate attachment.
Step 3
The original UK Health Certificate needs to be placed with the cargo or the driver. Please inform us where the original is placed!
Step 4
Our agent will issue a CHED (document for the inspection at the Dutch BCP) and will send this document with a copy of the UK Health Certificate to the NVWA (Dutch Port Health / Veterinarians).

Step 5
The NVWA will report to the agent if the copy Health Certificate is in good order.
Step 6
If the Health Certificate is in good order, we will send you this approval, together with the relevant Import Customs Documentation.
If the document is NOT correct, additional actions needs to be taken on your side to correct the certificate.
Step 7
Upon receipt of an OK from the NVWA the truck is allowed to be loaded on the outgoing UK ferry with destination The Netherlands, and at the moment of arrival the truck can proceed to the agreed BCP.

It is crucial this process is followed to the letter. Deviation from this process will lead to delays or worse, rejection of the cargo.

We are trying our utmost to support you as much as we can, but we need your full cooperation to make this process run smoothly.

If you need assistance for your Animal By-Products – contact us. We are here to help.

07.02.2021 22:15