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I have known Maria for the past 14 years and have always enjoyed working with her in various functions and situations. Recently I employed Maria to help Avantor with a shipment of products into EU. We had issues with some of the paperwork needed to clear customs. Maria jumped in and immediaely identified the key issues and helped provide the intermediate services needed to resolve the issues and get the products released. I would highly recommend Maria with her professionalism and experience to help organizations in their regulatory and logistical needs. 

Brian Lewis, VP Operations at Seradigm, part of Avantor.

Over the last seven years, Maria Seriakov has been a great help to me, as a serum vendor to my previous company, and to the International Serum Industry Association (ISIA). In my position as global marketing manager for serum products at Lonza-Walkersville, Maria worked with me as a trusted supplier. She assisted in conquering various situations with either great potential for significant gain or adverse financial impact.

During my tenure on the ISIA Board of Directors (2006–2011), I witnessed Maria’s tenacious persistence in identifying and overcoming industry-wide problems related to serum import/export regulations. She was a key member and contributor to the ISIA European Regulatory Affairs Team (ERAT). She is filled with optimistic energy, has great attention to detail, and has an eager spirit of cooperation and service. Maria is highly regarded and well known throughout the serum industry. She also served on the ISIA board of directors.

Today, in my consulting work, I continue to call on Maria (M bioserviceS) as a resource and as a business partner for several ongoing projects. She is a strategic thinker and business developer. With absolutely no reservations, I highly recommend Maria Seriakov, as a skilled and very competent professional who acts with the highest integrity.

William Siegel, Senior Product/Marketing Manager - Global, at Lonza

Recently we were having logistical issues in receiving a sample from a customer from outside of the USA.  The shipment had failed once due to a long stay in customs and had arrived thawed, which renders pointless the testing for adventitious agents that we perform.  Since it was important that the reshipment of the samples come through in a frozen condition and in a timely manner, I recommended to my customer that they contact Maria to assist the process.  Maria took charge of the situation and did a great job of working with me, with my customer and with the various parties involved to make sure that the samples came through in good condition.  I could not have been happier with how things turned out thanks to Maria’s substantial efforts.  More importantly, my customer was satisfied. 

Three words come to mind when I think of Maria and her services: Experience, Network, and Attention. Maria has great experience in the animal byproducts industry, including import and export of said products. She also has a great network of industry experts and contacts that she has built up over the years, which she can bring to bear on a given problem or opportunity. Finally, Maria showed tremendous attention to our project, giving us frequent updates via email and making sure that all parties knew whenever something was required and why it was required. 

I consider Maria a valuable partner and look forward to the next time we work together.

Joe Adams, ABR Director at VMRD, Inc.

In November 2013 VirionSerion launched its new Business Unit “SERION Immunologics” to supply different types of raw materials to the IVD industry including a large portfolio of native viral, bacterial and fungal antigens as well as disease state sera.

In 2014 the decision was made to expand our portfolio towards other raw materials ... To start with the new business it was necessary to apply for an additional governmental license to import and handle ... animal byproducts according to directive EU 1069/2009 - classes 1, 2 and 3.

Here, Maria helped with her impressive expertise and tireless commitment to us and to the situation. She has fantastic knowledge about this business and she really knows how to apply for such a license. Maria helped us to prepare the necessary documents and after a few weeks we got the requested license - as Maria had predicted. Without her help it would have been much more difficult to arrange all the necessary paperwork for the application and to clarify important questions.

The only thing I can say is – Thank you very much again, Maria!

Maria is really an expert in her field and we are very thankful for her outstanding support in this situation.

For us Maria is a valued and very professional acting partner and we look forward to the next projects!

Dr Thomas Schumacher, Business Unit Manager SERION Immunologics, Institut VirionSerion GmbH, Würzburg, Germany

With the expansion of BioArra’s business we started shipping raw material to the EU by sea freight. The project required complex logistics arrangements in order to avoid delays and comply with all EU import requirements. Maria Seriakov – owner of M bioserviceS – was a great help in setting up the whole operation. Maria recommended an excellent transport company, assisted us in questions around labeling and export documentation preparation and personally checked with the EU Border Inspection Post all details. We had no delays, everything went according to plan and the customer was happy.

Maria also assisted us when BioArra were looking to establish contacts with companies in China. She gave us great advice regarding participation at conferences and trade shows in China.

I can recommend Maria as an expert in import and export matters related to animal by-products worldwide. Maria works with a great network of companies providing the good service tailored to the customer’s needs. She has profound knowledge about animal by-products, markets and regulations and is a valuable partner to any company working in the field of Biotechnology.

We consider M bioserviceS as a very reliable, professional and important business partner.

Simon Egan, Director and Owner at BioArra Inc.

In May 2014 Boval BioSolutions, LLC and Biophyll GmbH announced an agreement to stock and distribute Boval biological products in Europe through a network of distributors. According to this agreement a number of different Boval products had to be made immediately available ex European stock for customers. M bioserviceS assisted us with setting up the right location and creating appropriate import and storage conditions according to the complex EU regulations.

M bioserviceS’ owner – Maria Seriakov – is an attentive and reliable partner for setting up complex logistics operations. She personally takes care to check import requirement and conditions directly with the authorities. Additionally, Maria provides all customers with the benefits of a network of experts in regulatory and logistics matters.

We have found M bioserviceS to be professional, responsive, resourceful, confident and easy to work with. Their global regulatory knowledge is a great advantage for clients needing answers for importing products into Europe.

We consider M bioserviceS an important partner of Boval BioSolutions.

Cody Yarborough, Managing Member at Boval Company L.P.

When first meeting Maria, about 10 years ago, in the days that marketers only just started talking about “thinking out of the box”, Maria simply surprised me by her way of approaching our joined regulatory cases. Very quickly, it became clear that her “think box” simply is larger, wider and higher than anyone else’s. On the other hand, whether we were looking for the bird view on specific topics or we cared for the very fine detail, Maria always confirmed to be the exceptional 3D thinker while always focusing on the important. She’s “thinking out of the box” by nature.

For many years, she showed to be a phenomenal team player working closely together to help solving some very critical issues for our sector. Her impact has been crucial to achieve the solutions, which we are using today.

Marc Wintgens, Team Leader global sales at Selborne Biological Services & International Therapeutic Proteins

M bioserviceS have been assisting ABR, The Services Division of VMRD on several occasions so far. Recently we completed a project focused on strengthening international presence, optimization of transportation, and handling processes and designing a new concept for products and services offering.

M bioserviceS’ owner – Maria Seriakov – is an excellent communicator and a person with very deep knowledge of the international serum market. Maria carefully listens and understands the customers’ needs, she is a great partner helping clients analyze complex situations and find problem solutions. Additionally, Marias’ customers enjoy the benefits of her expertise in quality, regulatory and logistics matters.

We have found Maria to be a great resource, very attentive, responsive and a very experienced team worker.

We recommend M bioserviceS as an expert and a great partner to companies working in the field of Biotechnology. 

Richard Baker Jones, Vice President at VMRD, Inc.

Maria has an excellent knowledge of business, has a great knack of 'contacting the right person' and generally gets things done.

John Rowlands, International Business Development at Biological Industries.