BSA News - Change of Ownership at BOVAL Biosolutions

Early September Boval BioSolutions was acquired by Proliant Biologicals (more information available here). In our function of Boval’s representative on the European market we met immediately  key respresentatives of Proliant and spoke about the future of  BSA supply to all our customers.

One month after the merge of Proliant and Boval we are happy to announce the following changes and news.

The supply chain and the communication path will remain unchanged for all customers who have been purchasing Boval products through Biophyll. We remain further at your service – orders, deliveries and billing will be handled through Biophyll as until now. Product or technical inquiries (as well as any other questions) can be sent to Biophyll and M bioserviceS without any interruption. We continue to be at your disposal.

In addition to the entire product portfolio of Boval, customers will have access to BSA products of the Proliant brand, manufactured either in the US or in New Zealand. This means that all European customers enjoy the benefit of faster sampling and a greater and better product availability. 

We assume that many companies are going to have further questions related to the changes after the Boval acquisition. We encourage everybody to discuss internally any possible impact this change may have on their company. Manufacturers of registered products containing Boval BSA as a key ingredient are kindly invited to let us know what might be needed for a possible registration update or for internal Change Control purposes.

We are at your service anytime, in order to support you as efficiently as possible.

For further information please feel free to contact us.

Stay tuned for further updates!

11.10.2019 20:16