Last year M bioserviceS received a significant European funding for the development of an Active Bovine Hemoglobin. This active Hemoglobin was designed as starting material for the manufacturing of an artificial oxygen carrier for human use. The grants followed a successful project approval under the EUROSTARS program together with a partner in Berlin – cc-Ery GmbH. You can find our previous report here.

Yet life is always full of surprises – two months after the official start of the complex three year project the shareholders of cc-Ery decided to shut down the company. The extensive preparation that had been ongoing for more than a year was about to turn into a complete loss.
However, our passion for the project was great so we decided to do everything possible to save the idea and continue under new conditions. Our partner Biophyll GmbH in Germany volunteered to take over the part of cc-Ery. After a new revision process the authorities of the EU, Germany and Austria jointly approved Biophyll as the new project partner for the development of the active bovine hemoglobin. As of April 01. two scientists have joined the Biophyll team to continue the product development. A third scientific person will be added to the team at a later stage.

We are happy and proud that the idea didn’t get lost and its importance was recognized by the EU. The loss of a project partner turned out to be a hidden blessing – as now we are working in a great team under new and better conditions.

The story is another reason for business optimism. Life is full or difficult situations. We struggle with hard customer audits, disappointing findings, unexpected losses. Each one of these is troublesome but also a chance for improvement. It is up to one self to decide how to look at it.

A story ends. A new begins. Stay tuned.

25.04.2018 14:11